Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Today I see you and get my strength. It's been two months since you startedswimimg . First day at pool, you  had ran right out of the door and I was  running  behind you 9 month pregnant :-) It has got much better now. Infact I am so amazed at you.Each day you face your fear.  As i write this post I see you stand there near the pool and I see you grow , into a man . In your mind fear is water and yet you stand at the edge of the pool and jump into it. You have taught me many things  and the most to be brave ! Love you my boy ,you ARE my hero. Hey! Now you look at me and even managed a smile !!  I am so grateful to my parents who took you to your  swimming class, even if it was rain and bad weather at times. Aai being Aai and pappa being pappa spoilt you rotten:) Making you sit on the cycle and Aai trying to feed you before your swim. You have by mistake bit her hand one time ...Ouch !!! Come to think of it,my labour pains started right here, running in the heat and waiting at the swimming pool.I had felt the first contraction . Baby G is here with me looking at you swim. Hope one day I see both of you swim and enjoying the water and have fun together . Time to pack up and drive my kids back home.  

Friday, September 9, 2011

To fresh re-starts

Can you believe it's been ages since I started the blog and only three posts!!! Today I was reading my sister's post on her blog abt her son. Then I remembered I have one too:)
To update what's been happening in the past three years.
*My dear P has started school.
*He has become a big brother now !!
*We have moved two houses since. Leiden was nice but we learnt our lesson. Being in pretty house in beautiful location is just not our kind of thing I guess. We need people and noise and busy-ness and things to do.
*made new friends and cherishing the old ones.
*had a fantastic trip to the US with P.thanks to hubby dear for funding my shopping !!!
*very recently got back to driving car! (note to self:separate post on that)
Which brings me to reason why I am writing this post.
Three years back we came to NL and i want to piece togeather this roller coaster ride!!why now???Cause my parents just left for India yesterday after taking care of me and my baby.I am on my own now with two precious boys and ofcourse hubby dear is my rock ( when he is around;)).

Getting a giddy feeling that the ride has just(re)started. Here we go again !!