Sunday, October 5, 2008

Wait a little longer..

I have been procrastinating all these days to get to write a post.Today I Had to. The weather is the cause.

Being dragged into winter when summer did a hit and run . Its all too soon .Suddenly its got cold and chilly and windy . I'm having a helpless feeling trying to stop the winter on its way . Don't want the winter to start so soon .Seasons never waits I guess..... they just happen.

Just like my dear boy who has changed so suddenly .He is getting used to all the social gathering . He is in fact enjoying his daycare too. He doesn't seem in any hurry to leave the place when I go to pick him up.In fact when I used to leave him before , at least he used to cry a bit but since a couple of weeks , he does nothing of those sorts.
He has learnt so many new words , I have lost count of them now.. ..surprises me all the time with his growing vocab and amazing sense of humour. My baby is growing up so quick and I think I'm going to miss this stage a lot. ho how nice it would be to have pause and replay buttons in our lives.

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Stumped said...

That's why you record every moment of it. ;o).. then you can always pause and reply all of it.. Enjoy every day, it only gets better. :o)