Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Hello world !! Such a nice feeling to finally start my blog.
Wow!! I had created a blog an year back but couldn't get myself to post even once!!!
Today I dint even sit for creating one and here you have it ....Fresh new BLOG. Hmm I guess its just me going on a roll today.

I wanted to make a daily note of my babe's growth and my experiences as a mommy.It has been such wonderful journey and if I don't make these little reminders online then I might forget over time.
OK Got to go now ,my baby just woke up...So the next post is when he sleeps soundly for a while:)
Wish me luck to keep the Posts coming.

1 comment:

Stumped said...

Keep it going.. It's always fun to hear abt him, now it will be fun to read abt lil P.